Change and Innovation, Understanding and Cooperation

Daejeon a city centered on internalization through multilateral international exchanges


Daejeon International Center (DIC) is leading the globalization of citizens by promoting international exchanges with sister-friendly cooperation cities and overseas cities for the purpose of "HappyDaejeon City with Citizens and Foreign residents."It is an international exchange organization to establish and pursue happy coexistence.

Daejeon Metropolitan City is currently promoting sisterhood and friendly cooperations with 34 cities in 23 countries to promote active international exchange programs. Daejeon International Center is expanding international exchange in various areas such as overseas cities, education, economy, sports, and culture, centering on these sister-friendly cooperation cities.

From a business aspect, we build and exchange cooperation networks with sister cities such as youth scientific exchange programs, running Korean-speaking contests, and enabling citizen participation to enhance international competitiveness. Further, its programs include International exchange support for private organizations, International exchange brokerage for schools and private organizations, Global study groups, and Local youth public diplomacy camps.

In order to provide and enrich the lives of 26,000 foreign residents and international students from over 130 countries in Daejeon, we are conducting various programs such as the Together day festival & international fleamarket, Sports day for international students, Supporting international community, and DIC Korean class.

Daejeon International Center will continue to do its best to meet the expectation of the city administration and communicate and cooperate closely with citizens, foreign residents, and related organizations in order to make 'Happy Daejeon City Together'.

We ask for your continued interest and support.

Lee MiSook Director of Daejeon International Center