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Daejeon a city centered on internalization through multilateral international exchanges

Korean Language contest in Sister cities

The Korean Speaking Contest in Sister Cities aims to promote public relations and interest in Daejeon City to citizens of sister-friendly and collaborative cities, and to promote friendship between transferees. Through the contest, Korean learners are provided with a place that encourages learning, developing skills, exchanging skills, and contributing to attracting international students to universities within the jurisdiction, as well as establishing a personal network.

Business Overview
1. Business Name
Korean Language Contests in Sister City
2. Participants
Students and citizen of the sister city
3. Host city
Novosibirsk, Russia/Shenyang, China
4. Schedule
Jun 6,2020 (Novosibirsk) / November ,2020 (Shenyang)
5. Program
Events such as Korean speaking contest, K-POP contest and cultural experience
6. Host Organizer
Daejeon International Exchange Center, sister organization in sister-friendly city
Business Content
Promotion Method
Sister and Friendship Cooperation City sister organizations run competition management agreements and conduct business
※ Run competitions based on the contents of the agreement
1. Participant Criteria
- Non-native speakers of Korean
- Those who have never won a Korean speaking contest within the past year from the time of entry
- Setting standards and application methods according to the situation of each other city
2. Announcement of presentation content
- Korean Speech Category: Free talking (5 min time limit)
- Theme: 3 ~ 5 minutes presentation based on tourism
Ex: Places of Interest In Korea (Daejeon), Reasons to go to Korea (Daejeon), Korean food, K-POP, etc.
3. Screening criterion (Examination Guidelines)
Comprehensive assessment in terms of expression, pronunciation, sentence, and memorization
4. Participants
Setting the number of people to suit the situation
5. Prize
Certificate and additional award