Change and Innovation, Understanding and Cooperation

Daejeon a city centered on internalization through multilateral international exchanges

Global Study Group

This project is a study where native mentors and Daejeon citizens understand and experience the language, social issues, and culture of their countries through mutual learning based on various themes. Every week, new topics are set and held in a discussion setting, contributing to strengthening the internationalization capacity of Daejeon citizens. We hope that all citizens of Daejeon who are interested in the culture and language of English, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese will join and participate.

Business Overview
1. Business Name
Citizen Global Study Group
2. Participants
Daejeon citizens ,student and foreign residents
3. Schedule
January 2020 to December 2020
4. Date and time
-Intermediate: Every Wednesday evening 19:00 ~ 20:30 (English, Chinese, Japanese Intermediate/ Vietnamese Beginner)
-Advanced: Every Thursday evening 19:00 ~ 20:30 (English, Chinese Advanced/ Vietnamese intermediate)
※ Study contents may change depending on the learning environment
5. Location
Daejeon International Exchange Center Lecture Room (3F and 4F)
Business Content
1. Application conditions
People who have passed the level test by Daejeon citizens, students, and foreign residents who are interested in the culture and language of the region
2. How to apply
Apply through the bulletin board or system for application or visit DIC
3. Operation contents
- 1, 5, September 3 times a year (open at regular times, if there are no vacancies, you can be added to a waiting list).
- If the class you want to take has less than the required minimum number of students, there may be a change in the course opening.
- Registration fee is free (textbooks designated by the instructor must be purchased individually)
- Class Capacity: 10-15 students
- If there are more than 3 absences, you will have limited enrollment in the next semester.
※ voluntary attendance check on attendance at every class participation mandatory
- Enrolling in multiple languages is allowed, however, enrolling in different levels of the same language is not allowed.
- Current students can apply 2 weeks before the next semester. (If there are students on the waiting list, the opening will be available for students in the order of the waiting list)
- Level test is conducted during the first class of each semester /Please note that you cannot apply if you do not reach the level.