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DIC Korean Class

DIC Korean language classes are provided to foreign residents residing in Daejeon. Lectures are provided by professional Korean instructors with course levels from basic to advanced. Korean language classes will operate from Monday to Thursday, and Saturday, with 9 classes on the weekdays and 8 classes on Saturdays. This will serve as a learning space for Koreans, communications among foreigners, sharing various information, and learning Korean culture. We look forward to the interest and participation from foreign residents who want to study Korean systematically.

Business Overview
1. Business Name
DIC Korean Class
2. Participants
Foreigners who live in Daejeon
3. Business implementation
January to December 2020
4. Schedule
- Weekend classes: 8 levels of classes on Saturdays are operated (pronunciation classes, Seoul National University Korean 1A ~ 3B, TOPIK)
- Weekday classes : Monday to Thursday 9 levels of classes are operated. (Seoul National University Korean 1A ~ 4A, TOPIK) * (for details, see timetable below)
5. Location
Daejeon International Center Classroom (3F ,4F)
Business Details
1. Condition to apply
Those who have passed the test by level of foreign residents in Daejeon who are interested in Korean
2. How to apply
Apply through the bulletin board system for application or visit DIC (receipt on demand)
3. Manage Details
-Weekend classes: 1, 4, 7, October 1 year, 4 classes / Weekdays 1, 5, September, 3 times a year
- Registration fee free (Textbooks are required-Seoul National University Korean)
- Capacity of Classes: 20 ~ 30 people
4. Timetable of Korean Classes
-Change of the entire schedule due to corona19 infection
(Note:*Can be change according to the center schedule)
Time Table


Level Day Time Start & End Date Instructor Classroom Textbook Syllabus Level Test
1A Mon 10:00~11:50 Oct 19~ Nov 23 Min, Sun-hee International Cafe(4F) 서울대한국어 1A
1B Mon 14:00~15:50 Oct 19~ Nov 23 Sin, Mih-hyun International Cafe(4F) 서울대한국어 1B
2A Tue 10:00~11:50 Oct 20~ Nov 24 Kim, Eun-Ju International Cafe(4F) 서울대한국어 2A
2B Tue 14:00~15:50 Oct 20~ Nov 24 Choi, Jin-sook International Cafe(4F) 서울대한국어 2B
3A Wed 10:00~11:50 Oct 21~ Nov 25 Kim, Tae-kwon International Cafe(4F) 서울대한국어 3A
3B Wed 14:00~15:50 Oct 21~ Nov 25 Lee, Ji-Yeon International Cafe(4F) 서울대한국어 3B
TOPIKⅠ Thur 10:00~11:50 Oct 22~ Nov 26 Kim, Tai Kang International Cafe(4F) -
TOPIKⅡ Thur 14:00~15:50 Oct 22~ Nov 26 Kim, Kyungsuk International Cafe(4F) -


Level Day Time Start & End Date Instructor Classroom Textbook Syllabus Level Test
Beginner Sat. 12:00~12:40 Oct 24~ Nov 28 Ahn, Eunmi nternational Cafe(4F) 서울대한국어1A
1A Sat. 10:00~11:40 Oct 24~ Nov 28 Woo, Eun-joo Classroom 1 서울대한국어1A
1B Sat. 12:00~13:40 Oct 24~ Nov 28 Choi, Gyeong-A Classroom 1 서울대한국어1B
2A Sat. 10:00~11:40 Oct 24~ Nov 28 Ahn, Sang-nam Classroom 2 서울대한국어 2A
2B Sat. 12:00~13:40 Oct 24~ Nov 28 Choi, Yeong-suk Classroom 2 서울대한국어 2B
3A Sat. 10:00~11:40 Oct 24~ Nov 28 Ahn, Eunmi Classroom 3 서울대한국어 3A
TOPIK Ⅰ Sat. 12:00~13:40 Oct 24~ Nov 28 Joo, Jeang-Lan Classroom 3 -
TOPIK II Sat. 10:00~11:40 Oct 24~ Nov 28 Han, Seon-Hwa nternational Cafe(4F) -