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Daejeon a city centered on internalization through multilateral international exchanges

Sports Day for International Students

This project is designed to provide opportunities for foreign students in Daejeon to experience life sports through sports exchanges, and to provide a venue for mutual exchange, communication, and harmony among international students. Through long-term pride contests and a recurring yard, it has become an indispensable local festival for international students, such as shedding hidden stress and relieving stress. We are developing into a business that promotes the school's sense of belonging and affection through international competition between university students and the international status of Daejeon City.

Business Overview
1. Business Name
5th Sports Day for International Students
2. Participants
a foreign student at an in-house university
3. Schedule
September 26, 2020 (Sat) 09:00 ~ 17:00
※ Schedule delay due to Corona 19 (held at the end of May every year)
4. Location
KT Human Resources Development Institute Gymnasium
5. Organizer
Daejeon Foreign Immigration Office
6. Host
Daejeon Metropolitan City International Center and Daejeon, Chungnam 10 universities
Business Details
1. Event Details
- Official events
- Sports competitions (country competitions for each university)
- Preliminary competition against each university (approx. 6 sports)
- Foreign student's talent show
- Wrap-up party(K-POP Performance and Traditional Performance)
- Prize Lottery
2. Participating School
- Konyang University, Daejeon University, Bae Jae University, Woosung University,
- Jungbu University, Chungnam National University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,
- Hannam University, Hanbat University.