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Daejeon a city centered on internalization through multilateral international exchanges

Supporting International Community

The foreign community support project encourages foreign residents to actively engage in social activities through exploration of local communities in Daejeon, support for events and business, and support of non-profit foreign support organizations. Through this project, we will lay the foundation for the foreign community to grow and hold various participation events that can be shared with citizens and foreigners, and will serve as a channel to promote understanding, communication and harmony between citizens and foreigners.

Business Overview
1. Business Name
Supporting International Community
2. Participant
Community of Foreign Residents and Non-profit Foreign Support Organizations
3. Project Schedule
• Application period : June 11(THU) 2020~ June 30(MON) 2020
• Evaluation & Result Notice : July 3(FRI) 2020
• Project implementation & Result report : July 6(MON) 2020~ November 30(MON) 2020
※Results and settlement reports should be submitted within 20 days after the completion of the project.
4. Application procedure
Submission of application (plan)→ Deliberation of application→ Decision of application→ Implementation of project → Submission of result report
5. Support Scale
Supports minimum 0.5 to maximum 1.5 million won depends on the scale of the event& activity
Business Content
1. Support Contents
- Support for foreign community projects and events
- Support for the construction of foreign communities
- Support for non-profit foreign support organizations' projects and events
2. Application Conditions
- Based on the location of the charging support the foreign community and non-profit international
- Projects and events for non-profit community
3. Application for Support
- Documents to be submitted: Prepare and submit business plan and budget application in accordance with the application form (please download application form from the website)
- Application: Visit, Mail, E-mail
E-mail :
Address : (34628) 799, Daejeon-ro, Dong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea 4F Juwon Building
4. Support Item Cost
Support for undertaking projects and hosting events
5. Note
- In the case of receiving support from Daejeon City or Daejeon City's affiliated or consigned operating
organizations, the same project will be excluded from the application and will be collected if duplicated
support is received.
- Results and settlement reports should be submitted within 20 days after the completion of the project.
- Proof of the subsidy received is the original (card receipt (except simple receipt), transaction details,
transfer statement, etc.), and you can submit a copy of your own expense.